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Q: What is an Aerial Adventure Park?

A: The Aerial Adventure Park at Hellerick’s Family Farm (also known as a High Ropes or Challenge Course) is a safe, fun activity for just about anyone in good health. Our Aerial Adventure Park has 3 High Ropes Courses at various heights built and suspended from 55 ft. tall poles and 2 Quick Jump 30 ft. Free Falls. Guests may climb and swing through a combination of Adventure Elements which are bridges between pole platforms made of rope, wire and wood configurations along with Zip Lines. Each of the 3 Courses is more challenging at each higher level, 10ft. is the Beginner level, 20 ft. an Intermediate level and the 30 ft. Course is our Advanced level. The Park is designed to be mentally and physically challenging and those who exercise regularly and are in good physical and mental condition are more likely to enjoy the experience.

We do not recommend this Park for pregnant women or those with any health condition which may be aggravated by participating in this activity.

Birthday and Group Parties at Hellericks farm

Q: How Safe is Hellerick’s Family Farms Adventure Aerial Park?

A: We take extreme caution to minimize risks! Participants are on a continuous belay system throughout the Courses using the Saferoller® System. Guests are constantly in a safety harness and attached via a lanyard to an overhead safety line. For more information about the Saferoller® System visit the manufacturer’s website.

Aerial Adventure Parks are obstacle courses and constructed of different materials such as wood, ropes, cables and plastic. Some materials are more forgiving than others. Scrapes and bruises may occur while crossing a Course.

What Industry Standards were used to design and construct the Aerial Park?
Each Course has been designed and built by an ACCT Vendor, ACCT is the governing organization which overlooks the safety and well-being of Aerial Adventure Parks, Zip Lines, Challenge Courses and Towers in the United States. ACCT is the world’s leading American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Developer. Read more about ACCT at their website.

Is the Aerial Adventure Park Inspected?
The Park is inspected daily and monthly by a Licensed Inspector of the Pennsylvania Department Agriculture’s Bureau of Rides & Amusements.
The Park is inspected yearly by a Licensed Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) Inspector.

4 great challengint courses for you to choose Q: How was the Aerial Park Constructed?

A: Our Aerial Adventure Park is constructed of 22, 55 ft. wooden telephone poles and platforms. Each pole is burried 7 ft. into the ground making a very strong, stable and secure base. Courses are contructed mainly with wood, rope and steel cables all affixed securely to poles.

Birthday and Group Parties at Hellericks farm

Q: May I take my camera or phone on the Course?

A: In general, it is best not to have anything in your pockets while on the course but we realize Guests want to take and share photos of their family and friends while on the course.

If Guests wish to bring their phone/camera on the course we will allow this as long as it is clearly understood that Hellerick’s Family Farm will have not any responsible for dropped, damaged or lost phones/camera or any resulting injury while on Hellerick’s Family Farm property. Whenever possible please leave personal belongings in your car or with a spectator. Guests may also place personal items in a personal bin when Guests receive their harness and helmet.

4 great challengint courses for you to choose Q: Can I just do the Zip Lines at the Park?

A: Guests cannot simply “just do the Zip Lines” because Zip Lines are located at the beginning, middle and end of each Course level.

Q: Are Food & Drinks available?

A: Yes, there are drinks and snacks available in the Aerial Adventure Park Barn (where you check in) and Hot Dogs, Pizza, etc. at the Country Kitchen. The Country Kitchen may not be available during the week, so check with a Hellerick’s Family Farm Team member when you arrive for dining options.

Q: Are Restrooms available?

A: Yes, we have portable restrooms available for use.


Parking is always FREE at Hellerick’s Family Farm


5500 North Easton Road (Route 611)
Doylestown, PA 18902
On Route 611, 6 miles North of Route 202