High Ropes Adventure Awaits You at Hellerick's Family Farm

Super Fun Challenge...

Come to Hellerick’s Aerial Adventure Park to challenge yourself in ways you’ve never imagined before. Push yourself to new heights while testing your climbing skills as you work your way through our 3 High Ropes Courses suspended from 55 ft. tall poles and 1 Quick Jump Free Fall Course. You’ll climb and swing through a combination of 30 Adventure Elements and Zip Lines. Adventure Elements are bridges between platforms made of rope, wood configurations and wire. Zip Lines are at the beginning, middle and end of each Course! From Course to Course you will learn new climbing skills and solve the challenges of crossing and completing each Course!

Our Aerial Adventure Park provides safe family fun for ages
7 years and up, Guests must be able to reach 60 inches in height with outstreched arms and weigh at least 50 lbs. to enter the Park. We offer 4 unique Courses of varing degree of difficulty; the 1st 10 ft. level is Beginner, the 2nd 20 ft. level is Intermediate and the 3rd 30 ft. level is our Advanced Course and the 4th Course is a 30 ft. level Quick Jump Free Fall challenge, where you may experince the adrenaline rush of a lifetime!

We have designed a Course for every level of climbing skills and experience. Guest’s access the 4 different Course levels by climbing a spiral stair case in the Central Tower of the Park. The higher you climb the more difficult the Course and its Adventure Elements become! Each Course consists of 7 Adventure Elements, designed to be more challenging at each higher Course level. There are 30 ft. Zip Lines at the beginning and middle of each Course. At the end of each Course Guests will ride an 80 ft. Zip Line back to the Central Tower.

$37.50 admission: Quick Jump Free Fall, 30ft. Advanced, 20ft. Intermediate and 10ft. Beginner

Guests may choose ANY combination of our 4 Courses the day of their visit that they wish to challenge themselves with; 10 ft. Beginner, 20 ft. Intermediate & 30 ft. Advanced levels and our hair-raising 4th Course, the Quick Jump Free Fall.

Average time to complete each of the 4 Courses is 15 to 20 minutes. Admission is for 1.5 hours on the Courses. The instructors on the tower will write down the ending time on the wristband just before starting on the Course. And, never any pressure from us to tackle a higher Course level or to participate in the 30 ft. Quick Jump Free Fall. Once your 1.5 hours time is up, you then exit the Central Tower and return your equipment.


Full body harness and safety helmet. The most advanced safety attachment system the

Super Safe Adventure...

All Guests must wear a full body harness and safety helmet to participate. The Guests full body harness will be attached to the most advanced, safety attachment system available in the industry called the Saferoller® System via a lanyard. 

The Saferoller® System is a Swiss-designed roll-on/roll-off continuous rolling system. Guests will be connected to the overhead safety line at the beginning of each Course (while on the Central Tower), then travel through the various Adventure Elements on that Course.

Once on a Course there is no way to be disconnected from the safety line. Guests can only disconnect their harness at the end of each Course once they have returned to the Central Tower. This system ensures keeping Guests safe and secure during the duration of each of the 3 High Ropes Courses.

30ft. high Quick Jump Free Fall Those Guests adventurous enough to participate in the 4th Course, our 30 ft. high Quick Jump Free Fall, shall continue to wear a full body harness and helmet for safety.

Once reaching the top of the 30 ft. high Central Tower a Hellerick’s Family Farm Team member attaches the Guest to one of the two Quick Jump Free Fall devices. Then, once the Guest is prepared, opens the tower safety gate... the Guest will then willingly move to edge and jump off the tower into a Free Fall! Guests receive the rush of an excellerating Free Fall experience during a 12 to 15 ft. straight drop!

After the Free Fall time period the Quick Jump device, (a self-regulating magnetic braking system), begins an exciting but safe decent to the ground. Delivering to the Guest rider a true stomach-flipping thrill.

Once on the ground a Hellerick’s Family Farm Team member will detach the Guest from the Quick Jump device.