Play and Explore in Our Adventure Farm Fun Area!
giant tube slide -70 foot slide at Hellerick's Family Farm

Get ready for some serious family fun!
We’ve created outdoors activities designed for all ages to participate in and to enjoy. Our new Adventure Farm Fun Area is a place for yourself and your children to explore and discover great fun on the Farm. Activities Include:

Corn Chute Slides, climb to the top of our slides which overlook our corn field and have a thrilling ride down through our two 50 foot slides. It beckons kids of all ages! 42” height restriction for Slides.

Tricycles For All Ages, everyone is welcome to ride our youth and adult oversized rugged tricycles! Race around our stone track to see who is the fastest in your group! Adult Tricycles 42” height restriction, Youth Tricycles in the Jr. Farmer Fun Area are for 5 years or younger.

Giant Straw Maze at Hellerick's Family FarmGiant Corn Box, think of a giant sandbox only with corn instead of sand! Scoop, dig and play in our corn box until your heart’s content.

Tractor Tire Mountain & Play Area, a gang of partially buried tractor tires, & sand mountain creates perfect spots to play, crawl and jump about.

1 Acre Jr. Corn Maze, not as large or as hard as our 5 Acre Corn Maze this tall grass maze is designed for smaller children to explore and have fun in.

Straw Bale Slide


Take a pleasure ride with your family at Hellerick's family Farm!
Pleasure tractor or wagon Hay ride with your family at Hellerick's Family farm


“Kid & Family Friendly” Our activities and displays in this area are for children 5 years and younger. Our activities are gentle and will NOT give your children nightmares “Good Old Fashioned Fun” - Along with your children you can relive the games you, your parents or grand parents used to play such as... Junior Straw Maze • Peddle Tractors & Tricycles • Bean Bag Toss • Stepping Stones • Jr. Pumpkin Rolling , Wagon Tractor & Wagon Slide, and Jungle Jumparoo New! ... and many more activities!

Show your young children how to have fun without any technology!


Take a pleasure ride with your family at Hellerick's family Farm!
Pleasure tractor or wagon Hay ride with your family at Hellerick's Family farm


Relax and slow down to enjoy the beauty of our farm and the surrounding fall foliage on a traditional tractor and hay wagon ride.

During your Hayride through out our farm you will learn more about our history and the crops we grow. Everyone young and old loves our Hayrides, a true family sharing activity.

Hayrides are included with each admission to Hellerick's Family Farm.
Hayrides are on the hour, every hour, ending at 5:00 pm daily.


Animal Attractions
Animal Attractions - goats, chickens and bunnies at Hellerick's Family Farm


Don't miss our Barn Yard with our Animal Attractions, adorable goats, sheep, chickens and bunnies may be observed in their pens.

Get Lost in our 5 Acre corn maze

Corn Maze

The Hellerick Family has been busy this winter, spring and summer creating this year’s 5 Acre Corn Maze. Special corn seed and planting methods have helped created a corn field maze guaranteed to confuse and entertain! We’ve created a maze that is big, featuring a English Hedge Maze Design, but not so big or confusing that you’ll be lost in it for days! The average time to solve the maze is 45 to 60 minutes.

In order to ensure everyone's enjoyment please abide by the following rules for our corn maze activity.

1. For each person’s safety, no one is permitted to enter the corn maze by themselves. YOU MUST HAVE A BUDDY!

5 Acre Corn Maze at Hellerick's Family Farm

2. Please stay on the cut paths and do not damage or vandalize the corn stalks. Those caught doing so will be asked to leave and be held financially liable.

3. No running. This is not a race! There are many weeds, dips, ridges, vines and rocks in the corn maze. Please be careful.

4. Keep your group together Adults are responsible for the children
under their care.

5. Everyone must have fun! Enter at your own risk.

6. NO POKEMON GO playing in the Corn Maze

If you need assistance, a Hellerick’s Family Farm Staff Member is available by the Entrance / Exit of Corn Maze on weekends. On weekdays, a staff member is available at the market.


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