Welcome to our strawberry harvest festival 2018 open mother's day to father's day

Bring your family and friends to the rolling hills of Bucks County, PA amidst the beauty of Spring’s bursting colors to enjoy a great day of Strawberry Picking and family fun on the farm.

Strawberry Picking is GREAT, but many Farm Guests have been asking us to host fun activities in the spring time. For some reason kids don’t think picking strawberries is too much fun!? Although they do love to eat them!! We feel we can make both the Traditional Strawberry Pickers and the Farm Fun seekers happy.

Parking is always FREE! General Admission is FREE for the Tractor Tire Playground and the Junior Farm Area during Strawberry Harvest Festival.

Open daily starting in June, weather permitting, weather decisions are made daily by 8:00 AM. Call 215-766-8388 or please check our “Open Today?” link for our hours of operation and for Strawberry availability.

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Adventure Farm Area at Hellerick's Family farm this spring

  • Tractor Tire Playground
  • Take Family Pictures with Photo Stand-Ins
  • Potato Sack Races
  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Sit on Tractor
  • Giant Sand Box
  • Jr. Stepping Stones
  • Jr. Hobby Horses
  • Jr. Tire Balance Beam
  • Jr. Wooden Tractor & Hay Wagon
  • Jr. Tricycles
  • Jr. Echo Tubes
  • Jr. Berry Rolling


Strawberry Harvest Festival 2017 is here!

In response to last year’s overwhelming demand for “The Best Strawberries in Bucks County“ we have increased the number of strawberry fields to increase dramatically the production of our strawberries!

U-Pick Strawberries: Fields are open, weather permitting from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Remember to bring your Hellerick’s Strawberry picking boxes from previous years to save money!

Please check “Open Today?” for our hours of operation and for current Strawberry availability.

rules of the Strawberry Patch
Animal Attractions - goats, chickens and bunnies at Hellerick's Family Farm


√ Bring you Hellerick’s Family Farm PICKING BOXES you used in previous years!

√ Pick only berries that are TOTALLY DARK RED

√ Don’t pick any berries with WHITE TIPS

√ Pick BIG and LITTLE berries as long as they are TOTALLY DARK RED

√ Stay in assigned aisles (We try to place you in a spot that has not been picked previously)

√ Pick BOTH sides of your assigned aisle (DO NOT straddle the rows)

√ Don’t jump across the rows

√ Wear your sunscreen

√ Bring your CAMERA

√ Kids must stay with the family!

What's new at Hellerick's family Farm!
pick you own Sugar Snap Peas is back at Hellerick's Family farm

Farmer Bruce has planted a small patch of Sugar Snap Peas last April, hopefully will be ready to pick at the same time as our strawberries. We planted Sugar Snap Peas couple years back and the response was overwhelmingly positive, so we planted about a half-acre of Sugar Snap Peas this year to make sure everyone has plenty to pick!

Our family likes the Sugar Snap type of pea best, because the peas are sweet and delicious at all stages of their growth. When they are ready, peas will be available to pick everyday the farm market is open.

What's new at Hellerick's family Farm!
what's new? at Hellerick's Family farm

For the past 30 years the family has grown strawberries using the traditional matted row system. The matted row system is great and has served the farm well but is extremely labor intensive when it comes to hand planting, hand weed control, mulching and crop management. Last year we plowed under our last three acres of matted row strawberries and have converted to a new growing technique called the Raised Bed System.

The Raised Bed System is still extremely labor intensive. Unfortunately, each of the thousands of plants are still planted by hand and instead of mulching the entire field with straw we now cover the entire field with a big white blanket for winter protection. We also needed to install an electric fence around the field so the deer would not eat the plants. On the positive side, weed control and irrigation of the crop are much simplified. Also, because the strawberries are planted on raised soil beds, strawberry picking will be much easier; the fruit will be cleaner and much larger!

Because the plants are growing on raised beds, the soil will warm up earlier which means the plants grow and bloom sooner. With this in mind, we are expecting strawberry harvest to begin in mid-May (This is 3 to 4 weeks earlier than usual) instead of our regular starting date of Memorial Day. We are still learning about this Raised Bed System but we’re sure you will like these new changes especially, not having to bend quite as far to pick the berries!



5500 North Easton Road (Route 611)
Doylestown, PA 18902
On Route 611, 6 miles North of Route 202