Corn Maze

ONLY AVAILABLE IN SEPT, OCT, AND NOV OF EACH YEAR! Get Lost - In Our 5 Acre Corn Maze (Included in the Fall Festival admission)

The Hellerick Family has been busy this winter, spring and summer creating this year’s 5 Acre Corn Maze. Special corn seed and planting methods have helped create a corn field maze guaranteed to confuse and entertain! We’ve created a maze that is big, featuring a Barn Yard Animals, but not so big or confusing that you’ll be lost in it for days! The average time to solve the maze is 45 to 60 minutes.

In order to ensure everyone's enjoyment, please abide by the following rules for our corn maze activity.

  • For each person’s safety, no one is permitted to enter the corn maze alone. YOU MUST HAVE A BUDDY!
  • Please stay on the cut paths and do not damage or vandalize the corn stalks. Those caught doing so will be asked to leave and be held financially liable.
  • No running. This is not a race! There are many weeds, dips, ridges, vines and rocks in the corn maze. Please be careful.
  • Keep your group together - Adults are responsible for the children under their care.
  • Everyone must have fun! Enter at your own risk.
  • Season pass maybe revoked for violating our rules of conduct.