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Special Events

We offer several special events throughout the season. These events will be highlighted on our FACEBOOK PAGE and listed below. Click the event name for more information.


The Great Pumpkin Drop (Nov 2020) In November 2020, we will be dropping large pumpkins off the top of our local Fire Company's 100ft ladder truck and watching them GO SPLAT on the ground! Fall Festival general admission required!

Rugged Pumpkin Run (Nov 2020) Rugged Pumpkin Run is a 3K fall pumpkin run for the whole family benefiting Rachel’s Helping Hands Cancer Foundation. We provide you a pumpkin and you must finish the run holding the pumpkin with the pumpkin in-tact. Don’t worry you can register without a pumpkin. We’ll be having more obstacles this year so get ready for some extra fun! Get ready for the best pumpkin run in PA. Obstacles are still to be determined, but remember, it’ll be a family fun event you won’t want to miss. Come early and decorate those pumpkins!

Other Special Events Include:


Goat Visits


Pumpkin Drop


All You Can Carry Pumpkins


Tough Pumpkin Run


Life Events Engagements & Gender Reveals

We are open for the season for all activities!!! Reservations will be REQUIRED for all activities!!

The Sunflower Experience begins SUNDAY, AUGUST 16TH. Click HERE for information or to make a reservation!!

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