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Barn Yard Mini Golf (Opening Summer 2024)

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Opening Summer 2024

Experience the whimsical charm of our 18-hole barnyard mini golf course! Navigate through lively obstacles like rolling hay bales, quirky farm animals, and winding paths that capture the essence of a rural adventure. Each hole presents a delightful challenge, merging the fun of mini golf with the rustic charm of the countryside. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-time putter, our barnyard course promises an entertaining and memorable round for all ages. What are you waiting for?

Some Quick Points Before You Book


$9.00 before 4pm

$10.00 after 4pm

$6.00 (9 holes only)



The Participant

Guests taller than 34 inches must  pay. Guest under 34 inches in height play free with a paying adult


Mini Golf Tips

Below are a few mini golf tips and rules to help you through your rounds with us:

1) No more than 5 people in a group on any hole.

2) 6 stroke limit per hole.

3) Ball out of bounds or in trap is replaced at point of exit with one stroke penalty.

4) Ball against rail or obstacle may be moved one clubhead length.

5) Every player should take their first shot before any player takes a second shot. Ball nearest hole putts first.

6) Play each hole in turn. NO SKIPPING HOLES.

7) You cannot win a free game while playing a free game or ALL Day. Only one free game can be won per person per day.

8) Do not swing putter above the knee; An adult should instruct children in proper use of club.

9) No alcoholic beverages allowed on premises.

10) Rain check only; no cash refunds.

11) Barnyard mini golf adventures course takes you over uneven terrain and may increase the risk of injury from a fall. Please pay attention, watch your step, refrain from horseplay; and most of all have fun and enjoy!



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