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Birthday Parties

We offer 4 Different Birthday Parties!!

Imagine your family and friends spending a day on the farm! We offer 4 different Birthday Party packages to make hosting a “Party at the Farm” easy! Please carefully review the age and number of guests requirements for each specific party. Each party may be customized to include additional items that you might like to provide to your guests. (pumpkin, gift bag, etc.)


Hellerick’s Aerial Adventure Park is the perfect place to host your next birthday party or special celebration. This won’t be your run-of-the-mill party either, because we add high ropes action and adventure to the party! Your guests will enter the Aerial Park and climb the courses together for 1.5 hours of unforgettable aerial fun! Please read our Aerial Park Height, Weight & Age Restrictions, especially if you would like to plan a party for guests aged 7, 8 and 9 years old.

For more information about the Aerial Adventure Park, click here.


  • 10 Admissions to Aerial Adventure Park (Each additional Guest is 31.50)
  • 2 Large Cheese Pizzas (Additional pizzas are 13.05 each)
  • 10 Assorted drinks
  • 2 Picnic Tables for 2 Hours



Let Hellerick's Family Farm provide the perfect location for your party, then all you’ll have to do is let your group have fun! To do this we’ve set aside a 1-acre field with picnic tables. This area is close enough to all our Adventure Farm activities but is secluded enough so your group will have its own space to celebrate together. Parties and Special Events may be customized to meet your needs. Everyone who wants to go into the Adventure Farm area must buy a ticket. Children 2 and under are free so don’t include them in the total number of guests. Admission is good for 3 hours the day of the party, hours vary by day.

For more information about the Adventure Farm, click here.


  • 16 general admission tickets to the Adventure Farm (Each additional guest 7.99-9.99)
  • 2 large cheese pizzas (additional pizzas are 13.05)
  • 16 assorted drinks
  • 2 picnic tables for 2 hours


September 19th – November 8th

Love the idea of a challenge course but don’t want to go 30 feet in the air on our Aerial Adventure Park? Then try the Farm Obstacle Course which is located safely on the ground. Each course incorporates 8 to 12 different obstacles to run through, jump over or crawl through.  With this party guest will have 1 hour to go through as many courses as possible.

For more information about the Obstacle Course, click here.

We have six (6) courses:

  • Two (2) identical Easy courses
  • Two (2) identical Medium courses
  • Two (2) identical Hard courses.

Guests can do the course individually or compete with friends or other participants head to head. The obstacles get more difficult as you progress through the courses ending with the hardest course and the opportunity to get filthy muddy!!! (Bring extra towels!!)

NOTE: Please DO NOT wear “good sneaker or clothes”. Expect to get dirty especially if we have had rain resulting in wet conditions!!!


  • 16 Admissions to the Farm Obstacle course (additional guests are 7.99)
  • 2 large cheese pizzas (additional pizzas are 13.05)
  • 16 assorted drinks
  • 2 picnic tables for 2 hours



Experience the fun of Yoga with our Goat up close and personal on our Historic Bucks County Farm! Our Certified Yoga Instructors will guide you through the Yoga class while to goats sniff, snuggle and maybe even climb on your back! Surely a one of a kind memorable farm experience for both your guests and the goats alike. The Goat Yoga class is for 1 hour. A signed Waiver is required for each participant.

For more information about the Goat Yoga, click here.


  • 10 guests for Goat Yoga Class (Additional guests are 20.00).
  • Maximum 20 guests per party.
  • 2 Large Pizzas
  • 10 assorted drinks
  • 2 picnic tables for 2 hours
  • Sampling of Goat Cheese, Yogurt or Milk



Please note the following guidelines apply to ALL Birthday Parties:

  • * Outside food not allowed
  • * If a member of your party has a food allergy or medical condition that require special food choices, please feel free to bring these items to the party for those specific guests only.
  • * If you would like something different or in addition to pizza for your party, we will provide you with a menu of options.
  • * You are responsible for providing desert (Cake, cupcakes, etc.). Please bring a cake knife to cut the cake.
  • * We provide table covering, plates, napkins, and plastic silverware and trash bags as part of the package. If you have a theme or wish to bring your own tableware this is fine, please let us know when we talk.
  • * Caution: Many guests like to bring balloons to decorate. FYI There is a constant breeze at the farm; Many times the balloons get tangled or blow away during the party.
  • * You or Adult(s) from your group are always responsible to be with and supervise children and guests in your party. Please supervise in the Birthday Party Area and if your party participates in other activities on the farm.
  • * For their safety, children without an adult will be stopped at our Check Point Barn and asked to get an adult to escort them.
  • * Admission to other activities on the farm is NOT included in the Birthday Party package. You may add other fun activities during checkout at a discounted rate.
  • * Each guest who wants to enter the Adventure Farm area must have a ticket. This includes family member, parents, friends, etc...
  • * Each guest must sign a waiver. An electronic waiver form will be sent with your confirmation, please send this form to the parents of the attendees. A kiosk will be available as well at the farm for the parents to sign.

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