Goat Yoga

Man in Bucks County, PA enjoying a goat yoga class in Doylestown, PA

Open Wednesday, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

Experience the fun of Yoga with our Goats up close and personal on our Historic Bucks County Farm! Our Certified Yoga Instructors will guide you through the Yoga class while the Goats sniff and snuggle you or maybe even climb on your back! Surely a one-of-a-kind memorable farm experience for both Guests and the Goats alike. Goat yoga is for guest 12 years of age and older. Guest under 12 years of age might consider our Goat Experience as a way to interact with our goats.

What are you waiting for!

Some Quick Points Before You Book


27.00/person (1 hour Class)

Classes available Wednesday 10am, Friday 6pm and Saturdays & Sundays at 9am. PLEASE NOTE: There is a 4 guest minimum per class. We will contact you to reschedule if there aren't 4 guests signed up for the class. 

The Participant

 Please wear a T-SHIRT or other shirt that can get dirty. TANK TOPS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED!! Bring your own TOWEL because the class takes place in a Goat pasture. This activity is not recommended for pregnant women.

What to expect

Goats like to climb, so they may jump and climb on your back... Goats don't wear sneakers, they have hooves, so it will feel a little weird or spiky on your back.

 Goats like to nibble and chew on shoe strings, hair, clothing and anything else you may bring in the pasture.

 Goats go to the bathroom whenever and wherever... just saying...

 You will be in a pasture where animals live and poo! Your mat, towel and maybe even you might get dirt (or other things) on them.

 You will be outside in a pasture, on the ground with nature! Bugs, butterflies and other insects are around - please apply organic sunscreen and/or organic bug repellent if desired.

Guests must wash their hands before entering the pasture and after exiting the pasture area. This is for the safety of the Goats AND Guests.

 Guests will need to complete and sign a participation Waiver. An online Waiver will be included in the confirmation email. Please share this link with all Guests in the group to fill out electronically before arrival.

 If there is inclement weather at the time of the event, you will receive a coupon code to reschedule into another class.

Our instructors take pictures free of charge for you. If you would prefer not to be photographed, please let our instructors know ahead of time.

Our Goats are friendly, however, Farm animals can be unpredictable.

Other available options for experiencing Goat Yoga


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