The Benefits of Our Farm’s Outdoor Activities for Big Kids and Pre-Teens

A teen and big kid enjoying outdoor play on a farm in Doylestown PA.

Outdoor play is crucial for children’s development as it allows them to explore the world around them and engage with others. But outdoor play is still vital as we age. For big kids and pre-teens, spending time in the great outdoors is essential to learning and stress relief. Hellerick’s Family Farm in Doylestown, PA, is one of the best places to enjoy outdoor activities in Pennsylvania for kids of all ages. Read on to learn more about how outdoor play at Hellerick’s Family Farm can benefit your child’s development while creating lasting memories.

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Play in Children’s Development?

Outdoor play is an essential part of development. Not only does it provide the opportunity to burn off their excess energy, it also gives kids a chance to explore the world!

When children play in a new, outdoor environment, they get to try new things, engage with others, experiment, and learn while getting their daily exercise. Pennsylvania outdoor activities for kids in the Doylestown, PA, and the Lehigh Valley area let kids be their fun-loving selves while learning valuable lessons.

The best outdoor activities in Pennsylvania for kids are the ones that broaden their minds. To put it simply, your children need to experience the world beyond the backyard! So, instead of taking your child to the same neighborhood park, and teens to the mall, consider bringing them to our farm in Doylestown, PA. It’s a great way to get them off their phones and into the real world!

Why Farms Are Good for Kids

There is no shortage of fun outdoor activities for kids, teens, and families in Bucks County, PA, but nothing is as fun as a field trip to our farm. For many Bucks County area kids, a day on a farm is a rare opportunity to explore nature. Which makes a trip to Hellerick’s Family Farm a true treat!

When visiting a farm with safe outdoor activities designed for children, kids get to see the world in a whole new light. They can see the farm as a wild-open playground full of possibilities, play with other children, and meet friendly farm animals. All of this combines to create happy memories for your happy child.

Beyond all the fun farm field trips have to offer a family or group of children, a day on the farm offers countless learning opportunities and a fun way to exercise. To learn more about what a trip to Hellerick’s Family Farm can teach your child, read on!

What do Children Learn from Outdoor Play at Hellerick’s Family Farm

At Hellerick’s Family Farm, it is our mission to create lasting memories and support our community. That’s why we’ve transformed our family’s working farm into one of the best things to do in Doylestown, PA. At our farm, you and your children can enjoy a wide variety of fun and enriching activities.

Aerial Adventure (Ages 7+)

It’s not every day that you get to go ziplining in PA, but ziplines are a part of everyday life at our farm! We offer an aerial adventure ropes course for anyone ages 7 and up to enjoy. Our ropes course offers 9 ziplines, 21 crossing elements, and the chance for kids and pre-teens to hone their communication skills. Plus, our aero adventure is a safe way for families to face their fear of heights in a controlled manner.

Silo Climbing Wall (Ages 5+)

Speaking of heights, our farm offers visitors ages 5 and up the chance to climb a silo! Custom built right here in Doylestown, PA, our silo climbing wall is a 35-foot race to the top. While your children scale our climbing wall safely, they learn how to problem-solve and assess their environment.

Obstacle course (Ages 5+)

Some people don’t like heights, so we’ve developed a series of obstacle courses for our guests who prefer to be grounded. Our obstacle courses offer children the chance to bond through friendly competition while working on their agility and gross motor skills. There are countless friendships that were born from a good-natured race on our farm!

Our All-Age Adventure Farm

Everyone is welcome at Hellerick’s Family Farm, and we’ve designed our adventure farm to make sure everyone is included. Children of all ages can visit our adventure farm to enjoy 40+ activities with their friends and family. Whether your pre-teen wants to go on a hayride around the farm, meet our friendly goats, or slide down a corn chute, there is something for them to enjoy. Our adventure farm allows children to be creative as they play and see the world as their playground.

Animal Encounters & Goat Yoga

While kids visiting our adventure farm have the chance to meet the friendliest goats and farm animals in Doylestown, PA, the animal encounters are endless. Anyone four years and up is welcome at pet our friendly farm animals in the goat experience. We also offer goat yoga classes at our farm in Bucks County for anyone 12 years old and older. By getting up close and personal with farm animals, children learn about their ways of life. This teaches them how to understand the non-verbal communication of animals and a little bit of empathy.

The Best Outdoor Activities for Kids of All Ages and Abilities Farm in Doylestown, PA

Outdoor play encourages children to interact with others through games. By interacting with others, kids build bonds that last and sharpen their social skills. Outdoor play gives kids opportunities for problem-solving when challenges arise. This helps prepare them for future challenges like finding a job after college graduation or in their adult social lives! So, rather than another trip to the park this weekend, bring your child to Hellerick’s Family Farm to enjoy the best outdoor activities in PA! Visit our pricing, dates, and hours page for information about how to book your visit today.