Why You Should Plan a Spring Day Trip to Our Adventure Farm

Family holding flower buckets from a spring day trip in Doylestown, PA

As the vibrant hues of spring prepare to grace the landscape, now is the perfect time to start planning a captivating day trip to Hellerick’s Family Farm, an extraordinary adventure nestled amidst the rolling hills of Bucks County, PA. While the farm is currently closed for the season, its gates will swing open once again in April 2024, offering a haven for families and friends seeking an unforgettable day of exploration and delight.

A Springtime Oasis: Unveiling Our Adventure Farm

Escape the humdrum of everyday life and step into a realm of exhilarating outdoor experiences at Hellerick’s Family Farm’s Adventure Farm. From pleasant wagon rides and animal encounters to the captivating Amish scooter track, this destination in Doylestown, PA, promises an enchanting adventure for everyone. Whether you’re planning a birthday party or simply seeking a day of carefree fun, Hellerick’s Family Farm is your gateway to unforgettable memories.

As you envision your upcoming springtime adventure, picture the vibrant colors of blooming flowers, lush greenery, and the promise of exciting activities that await. Hellerick’s Family Farm has become synonymous with the perfect Spring getaway, and with the anticipation building for the reopening in April 2024, the farm is gearing up to provide an even more immersive and delightful experience.

Exploring a Universe of Activities

Prepare to be amazed by the sheer diversity of activities that await you at our Adventure Farm. Immerse yourself in the nostalgic charm of wagon rides, where you can leisurely explore the picturesque surroundings. You can engage in exhilarating encounters with friendly farm animals, play in our corn box and rat racers, or even play in our tractor tire playground. With 40+ activities to enjoy, our all-age Adventure Farm is the perfect place for creating precious moments for both children and adults alike.

Worried about your youngest family members? We also have a Junior Adventure Farm, a specially designed area for tiny family members. Although the farm is currently resting for the winter, the Junior Adventure Farm is poised to come alive with laughter, joy, and the boundless energy of little ones when it reopens in April.

A Symphony of Springtime Activities

Beyond the general admission attractions at the Adventure Farm, Hellerick’s Family Farm has curated a selection of exciting spring-specific activities that promise enjoyment for visitors of all ages. Guests can make new friends in the Goat Experience, take a Goat Yoga Class with a certified yoga instructor, climb a silo wall, and pick your own produce!

Still, there’s one Spring activity at our farm that stands out from the rest. Read on for more!

Calling All Thrill-Seekers

For those seeking to defy gravity and embrace the spirit of adventure, the Aerial Adventure Park at Hellerick’s Family Farm beckons with its nine exhilarating zip lines, 21 challenging elements and bridges, and a heart-stopping free-fall leap from a 30-foot tower. Adrenaline junkies and outdoor enthusiasts alike will find their hearts pounding with excitement as they navigate this exhilarating course.

The Aerial Adventure Park is more than just a series of thrilling activities; it’s a journey into the treetops, providing a unique perspective of the farm’s scenic beauty. As you imagine soaring through the air, conquering obstacles, and creating memories that will last a lifetime, the anticipation for the reopening of this thrilling attraction in April 2024 intensifies.

Capture Timeless Memories

Immortalize your precious moments amidst the enchanting backdrop of Hellerick’s Family Farm. From engagement photos to family portraits, the farm provides a picturesque setting for professional photoshoots. Choose from themed sessions like pumpkin, fall, sunflower, or other flower-themed shoots to create lasting memories that will forever be cherished.

A Place for Special Occasions

Hellerick’s Family Farm, located in Doylestown, PA, provides an idyllic backdrop for couples and families to visit for a Spring day trip. Still, we’ve become a go-to destination for a range of special occasions such as birthday parties, group outings, and field trips. Our diverse selection of party packages allows you to tailor your farm experience to your preferences. Not only do we offer group discounts across various activities, but we are also delighted to work with you to customize any group package with options like food, seasonal items, or additional activities.

When planning a special occasion at our historic Bucks County, PA farm, it’s important to contact our staff and share all of your plans for the event. Let us know the number of attendees as well as their ages so that we may help you maintain an appropriate adult-to-child ratio to ensure safety and supervision.

For added flexibility, we strive to accommodate groups beyond regular business hours. Simply fill out the inquiry form to request a private group booking.

Plan Your Spring 2024 Outing in Doylestown, PA

While Hellerick’s Family Farm is currently hibernating for the winter, we’re looking forward to all of the fun we’ll have with you during the 2024 season. With an array of activities for all ages, the farm stands out as one of the top outdoor activities in PA. We even have some new activities coming to the farm for you to look forward to. While we can’t share the details now, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop.

Before Spring blooms in 2024, start planning your day trip to Hellerick’s Family Farm and get ready to create lasting memories with your loved ones amidst the scenic beauty of Bucks County, PA. The anticipation is building, and the Adventure Farm awaits your return for another season of unparalleled excitement and outdoor fun.