The ABCs of Farm Safety: A Guide for Parents and Kids

Child on an Aero Adventure Ropes Course in PA following the ABCs of farm safety.

Welcome to Hellerick’s Family Farm in the lovely hills of Bucks County, PA. Our farm has lots of fun outdoor activities for kids and families, making it an unforgettable day-trip destination. Before you experience all the fun our farm has to offer, it’s important to know how we keep everyone safe. This guide will talk about different activities and the safety measures we have put in place. Keep reading to learn about the great time you’ll have at our farm!

General Safety Guidelines & Adventure Farm Etiquette

Each activity on our farm has its own safety rules, but there are some general guidelines for everyone. First, make sure to wear the right clothes for the weather because our farm is open in different weather conditions. Since Pennsylvania’s weather changes a lot, it’s a good idea to dress in layers for comfort and use sunscreen to protect your skin.

Other important rules include no smoking on the farm, not dropping off children without supervision, and no regular pets allowed. Only ADA-registered service dogs are welcome. We’ll give you activity waivers when you register, so complete them before you start your adventure.

As we keep exploring our special Bucks County farm, remember to follow the safety rules for each activity. Read on for more details, and know that the Hellerick’s Family Farm staff is here to help if you ever feel unsure about safety.

Fun Activities for All Ages: Our Bucks County Adventure Farm

Hellerick’s Family Farm’s Adventure Farm is a big 18-acre wonderland with lots of fun things for all ages. You can try a relaxing Hayride, tackle the Farm Obstacle Course, or enjoy any of the other 40+ activities available – there’s something for everyone!

If you come right after it rains, be careful of mud. Our farm dries up fast, but some spots, like the corn maze in the fall, might still be a bit muddy. Make sure to wear the right shoes for a safe and comfy adventure.

To keep things safe and family-friendly, adults without kids aren’t allowed in the Adventure Farm area. If an adult plans to join your group later, just leave their name at the Main Barn entrance for easy entry. These rules help make sure families have a secure and enjoyable time with all the fun things our farm has to offer.

How to Stay Safe on The Aerial Adventure Ropes Course

For those looking for an extra thrilling adventure, you should try the Aerial Adventure Ropes Course. It’s a chance to fly through the air on ziplines and conquer different obstacles!

Safety is important on this adventure, and there are strict rules about age, height, and weight. Participants need to be at least seven years old, reach 60 inches with hands stretched above their heads, and weigh between 50 and 250 pounds. You’ll get all the safety gear you need from our staff, including helmets and special harnesses that connect to our Saferoller® system. Just a heads up, you can’t bring your own gear, except for gloves.

Our Aerial Adventure Ropes Course has ACCT certification, gets checked every day, and follows industry standards. The Saferoller® system keeps you connected to the overhead safety line, making sure your experience is smooth and secure. Before you start, our team will give you a detailed safety briefing, and they’ll be close by if you need help. So, go ahead and enjoy the excitement while trusting in the advanced safety features we provide.

Silo Climbing Wall: Scaling New Heights with Safety

If you enjoy a physical challenge, check out the Silo Climbing Wall, standing tall at 35 feet with various difficulty levels. Our unique climbing wall is designed to be both physically and mentally challenging. It has several sides and three difficulty levels, so climbers can choose a challenge that’s just right – not too easy, not too hard.

Safety is key, and guests must meet specific height, weight, and age requirements. The wall uses a TRUBLUE auto-belay system for added safety, ensuring a controlled descent from the towering structure.

Like the Aerial Adventure at Hellerick’s Family Farm, the Silo Climbing Wall is certified by ACCT, inspected regularly, and follows all safety standards. Whether you’re new to climbing or experienced, your safety is our top priority, and the TRUBLUE auto-belay system is there to provide a safe and thrilling experience.

Is Goat Yoga Safe?

Discover the unique mix of calmness and animal fun with Goat Yoga, an experience created for guests aged 12 and older. As you begin this adventure, keep in mind that you’ll step into a real pasture where goats live and play. This means a goat might hop on your back during plank position, nibble your shoelaces, or respond to nature’s call at any time.

Get ready to have a blast, feel the soothing effects of goat yoga, and maybe get a bit messy along the way. To ensure everyone’s safety, it’s essential to wash your hands before entering and after leaving the pasture. Please refrain from feeding the animals; they have a special diet twice a day to maintain their good health!

Goat Experiences for Children Ages 4 & Up

For younger guests or those not interested in yoga, the Goat Experience is the perfect animal-related option. This 30-minute activity lets kids aged 4 and up interact with goats, petting, playing, and showing love to these friendly animals. Just like Goat Yoga, it’s a good idea to wear clothes that might get a little dirty and closed-toe shoes.

Be ready for the playful side of goats during the Goat Experience, because these goats are likely to nibble on your shirt! Like in other activities, washing hands is important for both people and animals. You can fill out a waiver online to make sure the experience for both kids and goats is smooth and safe.

U-Pick Crops and Flowers

Discover the delight of harvesting your own crops with U-Pick experiences at Hellerick’s Family Farm. Whether it’s sunflowers, flowers in the 2-acre flower fields, red or golden raspberries, blackberries, sugar snap peas, pumpkins, squash, or gourds, the farm offers a rich variety. If you’re planning to visit us to pick crops or flowers, be sure to visit our Facebook page to see what’s available.

Ensuring safety during U-Pick experiences is simple – just follow the general farm safety guidelines! If you’re wearing weather-appropriate clothing, sunscreen, and stay within the designated crop-picking area, you’re sure to have a great time at our farm. As always, children should be supervised by an adult to guarantee their safety. We also use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, which is environmentally conscious while safeguarding our crops.

Safely Navigating Our Sunflower Fields in PA

Dive into the beauty of Sunflower Days at Hellerick’s Family Farm. This experience is included in Adventure Farm admission, giving you the chance to explore lively sunflower fields during their season. Sunflower Days brings together natural beauty and family-friendly activities.

The colors of the sunflowers might change based on the weather, adding a touch of mystery to your adventure. As you wander through the beautiful sunflower fields, remember to follow general safety guidelines for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Unique Events in Doylestown: Redhead Celebration Day

Mark your calendars for Redhead Celebration Day on November 2nd, 2024! This event is a fan favorite every year and a wonderful tribute to the uniqueness of redheads. This celebration features contests, musical performances, and activities like pictures on the redhead carpet.

As with all events at Hellerick’s Family Farm, general safety guidelines apply, ensuring a secure and enjoyable gathering for attendees of all hair colors.

Capture Memories with Safe Professional Photoshoots

Think about capturing your family’s memories with a professional photoshoot at Hellerick’s Family Farm. Local top-notch photographers collaborate with the farm to craft enduring images. Whether it’s engagement pictures, family portraits, or holiday cards, the farm’s picturesque backdrop provides a stunning setting for any occasion.

Photoshoots are available during specific time slots, offering flexibility for families. While you’re capturing those precious moments, safety is still a top priority. We recommend closed-toe shoes, and please refrain from using drones. Filling out a waiver ensures a smooth experience for everyone involved, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Safe and Satisfying Family Activities

As we finish our visit to Hellerick’s Family Farm, it’s clear that you’ll have an amazing mix of fun and safety. Whether your family is playing in the Adventure Farm, doing Goat Yoga with friendly goats, or picking your own crops, following farm safety rules makes sure everyone has a great time. If you’re ready for an adventure, plan a trip to Hellerick’s Family Farm in Bucks County, PA – where safety and happiness are always together.