Gear Up: What to Pack for a Farm Adventure

Family that prepared for pumpkin picking knowing what to pack for a farm adventure

Are you ready for an exciting farm adventure at Hellerick’s Family Farm? Get ready to explore nature, make unforgettable memories, and have a blast with outdoor activities for the whole family! To ensure a comfortable and safe experience, it’s crucial to pack the right gear. Let’s dive into this guide to discover everything you pack for a farm adventure, along with specific safety tips for each of our outdoor activities. 

General Packing List: 

No matter what adventure you’re going on, there are a few things you should always have on hand. Check out our general farm adventure packing list below: 

  1. Sunscreen: Protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, especially during sunny days on the farm.  
  1. Wear a Hat 
  1. Layered Clothing: Weather can be unpredictable, so layer your clothing to stay prepared for temperature changes throughout the day. Consider bringing a raincoat, hat, and spare socks. Also, wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty during your farm adventures. 
  1. Sunglasses and Lip Balm: Protect your eyes from the sun’s glare and keep your lips moisturized. 
  1. Signed Activity Waiver: Save time when you arrive. Complete a waiver for each person at home or on your phone before you arrive at the farm.  
  1. Camera or Phone: Capture moments on the farm. 
  1. ADA-Registered Service Dogs Essentials: Don’t forget to pack everything your service dog needs for a comfortable visit!  
  1. Be ready to have a FUN ADVENTURE ON THE FARM! 

There are some items that you shouldn’t pack for a farm adventure, and some items that you just won’t need at all. Keep reading to learn more! 

  1. Smoking/Alcohol/Drugs: Smoking is prohibited on the farm, so leave your vapes, lighters, and other tobacco products at home. 
  1. Extra Snacks: Our Country Kitchen & Snack Shack offers a variety of refreshments, including snacks, drinks, and hot meals during specific seasons. You don’t need to bring your own unless you have specific dietary concerns or allergies. 
  1. Pets: Please leave your pets at home, they will be more comfortable there. 

What to Pack by Activity: 

Beyond the basics, there are a few items that you may want to bring if you’re planning to go on certain adventures on our farm. Read on to learn more about each activity and what you may want pack for a farm adventure.  

Aerial Adventure Ropes Course & Silo Climbing Wall: 

People exploring the aerial adventure ropes course with zipline in PA

Looking forward to soaring through the sky on a zipline, or climbing the most unique wall in Doylestown, PA? There are some specific items you may want to bring along for the ride if you’re planning to explore the Aerial Adventure course or Silo Climbing Wall.  

Safety comes first at our farm, so make sure you wear sturdy closed-toe shoes for these activities. While gloves aren’t required, feel free to bring your own for extra hand protection or buy a pair at the farm. Don’t worry about safety gear – our dedicated staff will provide all the necessary equipment. Our staff provides all you need to be harnessed into the Aerial Adventure Park’s Saferoller® system and the Silo Climbing wall’s TRUBLUE auto-belay system.. 

Goat Yoga: 

Looking for a unique and relaxing experience? Try our goat yoga sessions, suitable for anyone aged 12 and up! Get ready to unwind and stretch surrounded by our friendly goats. Just remember, things can get a little messy, so be sure to wash your hands before and after the session. 

Don’t forget to pack your own towel and wear closed-toed shoes for safety. We also ask that you refrain from bringing any food for the goats. They’re on a special diet to stay healthy! 

Photo Shoots: 

Capture your favorite farm memories with a fun-filled photo shoot at Hellerick’s Family Farm! You’re welcome to bring along any props you like to personalize your photos. Just remember to take everything home afterward to keep our farm clutter-free for everyone to enjoy. 

Fun Family Activities with a Light Packing List

The Goat Experience, Adventure Farm, Special Events, and Seasonal Activities 

Woman hugging a goat

At Hellerick’s Family Farm, we make it easy to have a blast with your family without packing a heavy load. Whether you’re joining us for the Goat Experience, exploring the Adventure Farm, or attending special events like Redhead Celebration Day, you’ll only need the essentials. From U-Pick Crops and Flowers to seasonal favorites like Sunflower Days and the Corn Maze, rest assured that you’ll have everything you need for a fantastic day of fun! 

Here’s a full list of every light-packing activity we have to offer: 

  • Goat Experience: Get up close and personal with our friendly goats! Suitable for ages 4 and up, just wear closed-toed shoes and be prepared for a nibble on your shirt.  
  • Adventure Farm: Explore our 18-acre Adventure Farm, packed with over 50 activities for kids and families.  
  • U-Pick Crops & Flowers: Harvest your own crops and flowers hassle-free! We provide buckets for transporting your bounty too!  
  • Special Events – Redhead Celebration Day: Join us for special events like Redhead Celebration Day with a great attitude and the standard items from the general packing list.  
  • Sunflower Days & Corn Maze: Experience the beauty of our sunflower fields and navigate through the twists and turns of the Corn Maze.  

Plan Your Visit! 

By packing the right gear for your farm adventure at Hellerick’s Family Farm, you’ll ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re exploring our aerial ropes course, practicing yoga with goats, or picking fresh crops, proper preparation sets the stage for unforgettable moments on the farm. Plan your visit, gear up, and get ready for an incredible day of fun and exploration!