Unleash Your Inner Explorer on Our Aerial Adventure Ropes Course

A group of people unleashing their inner explorers at Hellerick's aerial adventure ropes course

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure amongst the treetops? At Hellerick’s Family Farm, we offer a unique Aerial Adventure ropes course that promises excitement, fun, and the chance to push your limits while surrounded by the beauty of the great outdoors. In this blog, we’ll take you on a virtual journey through our Aerial Adventure and explore why it’s a must-visit attraction for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

What is an Aerial Adventure?

An Aerial Adventure is an exhilarating, safe, and active way to immerse yourself in the great outdoors while challenging yourself physically and mentally! Available for both small groups, large crowds, and unique birthday party reservations, it’s a fantastic opportunity to explore the treetops.

This adventurous outdoor activity in Doylestown invites participants who can reach 60 inches with their hands extended above their heads, or 70 inches if flying solo, to experience 21 crossing elements and 9 ziplines in PA. With the additional thrill of a free-fall leap off a 30-toof central tower, this activity is sure to get your blood pumping! Safety is a top priority, that’s why participants must also weigh between 50 and 250 pounds, and be at least 7 years or older.

Gear Up for Adventure

To ensure a comfortable and secure experience on the Aerial Adventure ropes course, it’s important to gear up appropriately. Loose-fitting clothing is recommended, both for comfort under the full-body harness and for handling potential dirt. We also require closed-toe athletic shoes to enjoy this treetop journey. That means that sandals, crocs, and flip-flops are an absolute no-go!

For your comfort, we ask that you dress accordingly for the weather. Don’t be afraid to wear a jacket if it’s breezy, and always make sure to apply sunscreen before you start putting your gear on. You should also secure long hair in a hair tie, and leave your jewelry at home for the day for your safety and for the longevity of your accessories.

Safety and Preparations

Our commitment to safety is unwavering. When you arrive at our historic farm in Bucks County, PA, an ACCT-trained member of our staff will be there to provide safety instructions and get you fitted out with all of our provided safety gear. If you have any physical or emotional concerns about exploring our Aerial Adventure, our team is available to discuss them before you start the course.

All participants are equipped with full body harnesses and helmets, guided by a comprehensive safety briefing. Our treetop adventure also utilizes the most advanced Saferoller® system for added security and is inspected by an Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) vendor. All necessary equipment is provided by Hellerick’s Family Farm, so please leave any personal gear at home!

When you step foot onto the course, please remember that it becomes progressively more challenging as you ascend higher into the treetops. Guests have the freedom to choose courses suitable for their comfort level. Our ACCT-trained staff will also be available on the course to provide guidance and feedback. Remember, we’re here to help!

To make the most of your adventure, please arrive at our farm 15-minutes before your scheduled Aerial Adventure reservation. This allows for parking, check-in, waiver signing, restroom breaks, and other preparations. In the event you’re running late, please contact us at 215-766-8388 so we can adjust the schedule if possible.

Cameras and Personal Items

You’re welcome to bring cameras and phones on the course, but please understand that Hellerick’s Family Farm is not responsible for any dropped, damaged, or lost items. We’re also not liable for any injuries that may result from using cameras and phones on our property.

To secure your personal belongings, we recommend you leave them in your car or with a spectator. We also have a bin for personal items available behind the desk during check-in if there are items that simply can’t be left in your car.

Weather Considerations on an Aerial Adventure

Our Aerial Adventure ropes course is designed for outdoor enjoyment, which means it’s open to the elements. While we operate in most weather conditions, we may need to close due to thunderstorms, heavy rain, excessive heat, or sustained winds over 25 miles per hour in the general area.

If you’re unable to complete your visit due to deteriorating weather conditions, you’ll be given the opportunity to return to the course once the weather improves. We provide rain checks to ensure that you won’t miss out on your adventure!

The Adventurers Responsibility

Young woman on a zipline in PA

We prioritize the safety and enjoyment of every participant. To ensure a secure experience, every guest is required to adhere to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Rides and Amusements Rider Responsibility Rules. You must also follow all essential rules and policies below:

  1. Arrive 15 minutes prior to your start time.
  2. Participants on the Aerial Adventure ropes course must sign a waiver, which is accessible through the confirmation email.
    1. For guests under 18, parental or guardian consent is necessary.
  3. Wear the mandatory closed-toe shoes for your safety.
  4. Dress in accordance with the weather conditions, particularly on warmer days.
  5. If your visit includes meal times, ensure you eat and drink beforehand, especially on hot days.
  6. Follow all equipment usage guidelines and obey instructions provided by Hellerick’s Family Farm Team Members.
  7. Do not open any gates on the central tower unless instructed by a Hellerick’s Family Farm Team Member.
  8. Avoid jumping at the start of the ziplines; instead, sit down on the platform and gently glide off.
  9. Do not bounce on platforms or other adventure elements.
  10. Be respectful of fellow guests and use appropriate language.
  11. Do not linger on elements or platforms, as this can impact the flow of participants.
  12. Only one guest is allowed on a course element or zipline at a time, with a maximum of three guests on a platform simultaneously.
  13. Guests under the influence of drugs or alcohol or not following our guidelines will be asked to leave the course without reimbursement.
  14. Smoking is not permitted on the Aerial Adventure Park or Hellerick’s Family Farm property, and we reserve the right to remove any guest who violates these rules without reimbursement.

Explore Uncharted Territory on a Historic Bucks County Farm!

The Aerial Adventure ropes course at Hellerick’s Family Farm offers a one-of-a-kind outdoor adventure. It’s the perfect opportunity for families, thrill-seekers, and anyone seeking a thrilling outdoor activity. With stunning views of the Pennsylvania countryside, comprehensive safety, and the freedom to choose your adventure, it’s an experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Book your trip now to explore your inner adventurer, challenge yourself, and enjoy the natural beauty of Bucks County, PA.